• Taco kits

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From us, you will get a selection of all of the following

Fresh Wheat Taco Tortillas, 3 per person
(Gluten free Corn Tacos are available on request)

All of the following:

  • Meats :

    BBQ Stange Chicken - Pulled Pork - Pulled Barbacoa Beef


    Marinated Mushroom & Baked Sweet Potato (on request)

  • Rice, Beans and Veggies:

    Brown Rice - Grilled Corn - Black beans - Grilled paprika - Grilled red onion

  • Salsas:

    Green Salsa (Medium) - Chipotle Salsa (Medium Plus) - Red Salsa (Hot) - Pico de Gallo (fresh tomato salsa) - Mango Salsa

  • Toppings:

    Guacamole - Sour Cream - Cheese - Lettuce - Coriander - Lime

One Taco Kit
for one person

How do I serve it?

The food comes ready packed in recycleable aluminium foil forms. You simply take the lids off and you are ready to go! Or you can be a little more fancy and transfer the food into serving bowls of your own.
Your guests take a tortillas, and serve themselves to fill up their own tacos with what they like best!
If you need 'engangs' plates, forks and spoons (everything is compostable or reycleable) from us, please let us know!

The warm food will be warm when it is delivered or picked up, and the cold food will be cold.
If you are not eating until sometime after, it's best to put the warm food in an oven set to 80 degrees to keep it warm. 
You can reheat the tortillas one at a time in a dry (no oil) medium hot frying pan. Simply place them in the pan until they ‘puff’ up a little with hot air, flipping them a couple of times so they don't burn. 


One Taco Kit, for one person, costs 196,- nok.
The ingredients are packed by weight - one taco kit is weighed at 550 grams. Included in this 550 grams is 3 tortillas per person, and 100 grams of meat.

If you would like more meat, you can order extra for 490 nok per kilo 

Extra chips and guac on the side?

We can pack extra chips, guacamole and salsa to have on the side
Guacamole is 370 nok per kilo, salsas are 310 per kilo and chips are 42 nok per bag. Just let us know what you want!

Pick up Locations

You can pick up your order from El Camino Bjørvika 
Dronning Eufemias Gate 11 



When you pick up your order in store, you simply pay when you arrive!
For orders of 5000 nok or more, payment via Faktura is an option.

Can I change the amount of Taco Kits I have ordered?
Yes, within a reasonable amount of time - just let us know as soon as you can and we will see what we can do!

Is there a minimum amount?
Yes, 10 taco kits is the minimum order.

What is the latest that I can make my order?
We need minimum 24 hours notice for an order.